About this page

This page has been constructed to guide the international students of mechanical engineering through navigating our website and learn the important information of SV Tapp.

On the side of this page you can see a couple of guides that help you navigate through the Dutch part of this website. The guides explain step-by-step on how you can enrol for activities, become a member, or find our Blackboard course.

You can find more information about SV Tapp down below

What is SV Tapp?

‘Studie vereniging Technisch Appèl’ (SV Tapp) is the study association for and by students of mechanical engineering at the Hanze. The study association is established in 2015. 

The mission of SV Tapp

We (the board) want to make sure that the students have a fun, educational and active period during their study. That is why we want to support the students to acquire more knowledge, broaden their network, make the education more attractive, and improve the experience of the study and the technical world

What can SV Tapp mean for you as the student?

For only €15 a year we organise company visits that are required for career orientation, sociable activities, social get togethers, support with difficult courses and special activities for active members.

We also bring students from the first and second study year together so that the first years can be guided with achieving their propedeuse, their first-year diploma.

Next to that, we are also a sounding board for the students. We have connections with the education committee and by our tight contacts with the deans and teachers we are an important party in conveying the interests of the students.

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